Quick Links


  1. How do I login to the EarthDoc site?
    If you are an EAGE member you can use your EAGE membership number (Username) and your surname (Password) to log in to the site. If this combination does not work, please contact our business office. If you are not yet a member of the EAGE, you can apply for EAGE membership via the membership application form or log in with your personal log in details. To apply for an institutional subscription, please contact our Account Manager Subscriptions.
  2. How do I use the simple search function?
    You can type words to search for in the simple search form on the left side of the site. These keywords are then searched for in any part of a document. To search in more specific parts of a document, you can go to our Advanced Search page.
  3. My system does not recognize the file type. What is the problem?
    You do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, or there is a problem with it. You can download Acrobat Reader for free: download Acrobat Reader.
  4. Is it possible to see all records in the database?
    Yes. Please go to our A - Z index page and find all the publications, sorted in alphabetical order.
  5. I am logged in with my institutional account but I am unable to download papers.
    It could be that you are working from a proxy-server which is not recognized by our system. Please click here to submit your network information in order to get further support.
  6. What is a PDF file?
    Many files available on the internet are provided in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Files ending in .pdf are PDF files. This format preserves the look and feel of the original printed page. In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. If you do not already have such a reader, you can download a free reader at Adobe's website.

  7. Search by abstract title.
    You can search for keywords from the titles of all publications stored in our database.
  8. Search for abstracts written by a certain author.
    You can search for authors of publications. Please note you have to spell the name correctly to get any results.
  9. Search by session.
    You can search for keywords which appear in sessions. The result gives you an overview of all publications belonging to a session containing the keyword.
  10. Search by language
    You can search for papers in a certain written language.
  11. Search by organisation
    You can search for papers from a certain event organisator.
  12. Can I see the summary of a publication?
    If you tick the checkbox 'summary', the summary will appear in the search result below the title.
  13. Search for a paper id (in combination with event).
    A paper id can only be found in combination with an event.
  14. How do I set the date range start/end date.
    You can do it in two different ways:
    • Fill in the text field with this format: DD-MM-YYYY
    • Use the calendar tool. Next to the textfield you will find the calendar icon. When you click on it, a calendar will appear and you can pick the date you wish.
  15. Search by publication type.
    Select the type of publication you are looking for to find more specific results. For now the database only contains abstracts. In future it will be possible to select between abstracts, books, articles and more.