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Authors: M. Vardy and I. Lecomte
Journal name: Near Surface Geophysics
Issue: Vol 18, No 1, February 2020
DOI: 10.1002/nsg.12088
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 198.41Kb )
Price: € 30

Mark Vardy received an M.Sc. in physics (2004) from the University of Sheffield, followed by an M.Res. (2005) and a PhD (2009) in geophysics from the University of Southampton, UK. Following his PhD, he stayed on at the University of Southampton as a postdoctoral fellow (2009–2015) before becoming a Senior Geoscientist for the Natural and Environmental Research Council (NERC) at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (2015–2017). He is now a Director and Head ofR&Dat SAND Geophysics Ltd (2017- present), whilst also being a guest researcher for the Marine Geology and Geophysics research group at the University of Southampton (2015-present). He has been a co-convener for the EAGE ‘Applied and Shallow Marine Geophysics’ conference series since its inception in 2014, was co-convener of the EAGE workshop ‘Seismic inversion for marine overburden characterization’ in London (2019) and is an Associate Editor for Near Surface Geophysics. He is a member of EAGE and SEG. Isabelle Lecomte received an MS in 1987, a degree in Civil Engineering in 1988 and a PhD in 1990 (IFREMER Grant), all in geophysics and at the University of Strasbourg, France. She was post-doctoral fellow at NORSAR, Norway (Grants: EU, 1991; RCN, 1992) before joining as a principal research geophysicist in R&D seismic modelling (1993–2016). She was a guest researcher at the International Centre for Geohazards (Norwegian Research Centre of Excellence, 2003– 2012), and an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Oslo (2012–2017). She is now an associate professor in geophysics at theDepartment of Earth Science (in the ‘Geodynamics and Basin Studies’ research group), University of Bergen (2016-present). She received the 2001 EAGE Lor´and E¨ otv ¨ os award and the 2014 Norwegian Geophysical award. She was an EAGE Technical Program Officer of the Near-Surface Geoscience Division (2008–2012), EAGE Liaison Officer for ‘Near-Surface Geoscience 2012’, Paris, and co-convener for EAGE workshop ‘Integrated Geosciences for subsurface instabilities, offshore and onshore’ in Copenhagen (2012). She is a member of EAGE and SEG.

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