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Using geosimulators to enhance field-based geological trainingGreen Open Access

Authors: B.M. Saether, S.E. Johansen, J. Hesthammer, O. Solbakken and K.E. Synnestvedt
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 22, No 6, June 2004
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 298.32Kb )

Bjørn Sæther, Ståle Emil Johansen, Jonny Hesthammer, Olav Solbakken and Kari Ellen Synnestvedt explain how the pioneering use of computer technology can enhance field training in the geosciences for both university students and oil company personnel. Extracting information from outcrop geology is essential to understand geological processes, consequently field work and field courses have been a traditional part of geoscience university courses. Due to the oil industry’s increasing focus on computer technology, however, expensive and logistically demanding field studies have become harder to justify, but even more critical. This paper describes a pioneering project where computer technology is an integral part of field training. By combining a wide range of geological and geophysical information in a specially designed computer package, SVALSIM, it is possible for field students to participate interactively in the learning process. SVALSIM comprises a digital terrain model (based on the technology of flight simulators) supplemented by various types of geological information, including geological maps, profiles, field photos, well logs, seismic data, as well as sound and movie clips and traditional text-based material. An example of how the technology can be implemented into geological field trips is described by Hesthammer et al. (2002). There are also external links to additional information on selected subjects available on the web (www.sim.no and www.learninggeoscience.net). Parts of SVALSIM are illustrated on web sites www.statoil.com (under Topics, Geo 2000) and www.scanviz.org/Media/ Sval Sim.htm.

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