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Authors: K. Hornmann, G.J.O. Vermeer, M. Lansley, J. A. Musser, M. Galbraith, J. Meunier, E.R. Gillot and D. Monk
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 18, No 5, May 2000
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 4.77Mb )

For the workshop '3D Seismic surveys: design, tests and experience' held at the 61st EAGE Conference on 5 June 1999, five specialists in the design of 3D surveys were invited to recommend survey design parameters, based on a common case study. Participants were Mike Galbraith (Seismic Image Software), Malcolm Lansley (Western Geophysical), Julien Meunier (CGG), David Monk (Apache Corporation) and Jim Musser (Gren Mountain Geophysics). Their recommendations are reproduced in the articles following the introductory paper.

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