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Using gravity gradiometry as a blueprint for exploration in thrust and fold beltsGreen Open Access

Authors: P. Houghton, D. Bate, M. Davies and J. Lumley
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 25, No 11, November 2007
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 507.2Kb )

Phil Houghton, Duncan Bate, Mark Davies, and John Lumley of ARKeX discuss the rationale behind the company’s development of an airborne gravity gradiometry method illustrated by a case study over difficult terrain in Canada. Exploring in difficult terrain and complex geology is challenging for any technology and traditionally in frontier areas, such as the Utah Hinge Line and the interior basins of North East British Columbia, regional reconnaissance is the first step. Explorationists gather information from surface geology maps, available seismic and well data in order to assess a region’s prospectivity. In addition, potential field techniques are often utilized, as surveys can be performed relatively easily, especially from the air.

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