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Resistivity modelling and imaging methods for mapping near-surface features: Application to a site characterization at the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus in AthensGold Open Access

Authors: I.F. Louis, V.K. Karastathis, A.P. Vafidis and F.I. Louis
Journal name: Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Issue: Vol 5, No 4, November 2002 pp. 135 - 144
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 631.75Kb )

Non-destructive resistivity imaging techniques have been successfully applied at the area of the ancient Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens aiming to detect subsurface voids responsible for ground failures observed during constructive works in the ground surface. Synthetic modelling and inversion based imaging resistivity techniques identified a number of potentially features, some of which are attributed to cavities and are more likely to represent relics of an ancient underground conduit system while others are more likely to represent archaeological features such as stone walls or relics of column drums. The geophysical findings were useful for the site characterization and a remedial action plan was recommended to support and improve the ground behaviour.

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