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Investigation of seismic hazard in Cankiri, Turkey, using Gumbel’s first asymptotic distribution of extreme valuesGold Open Access

Author: F. Bilim
Journal name: Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Issue: Vol 6, No 3, August 2003 pp. 158 - 164
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 337.05Kb )

Cankiri, Turkey, is located between 40.300and 41.000N latitudes and between 32.500 and 34.500E longitudes. It is tectonically active because of the North Anatolian Fault to the North of it. In this paper, Gumbel I distribution model and the earthquakes with magnitude (Mb) greater than 4 that occurred between 1964 and 2002 were used to calculate the earthquake hazard that may happen in the study area. The probability of occurrence of Mb≥6.0 earthquake within 100 years and the return period were calculated to be 95% and 32 years, respectively.

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