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Geophysical Study of Ada Tepe Occurrence in Eastern RhodopesGold Open Access

Author: A. Tzvetkov
Journal name: Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Issue: Vol 6, No 4, November 2003 pp. 179 - 187
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 682.85Kb )

The low sulfidation epithermal gold occurrence Ada Tepe is located on the north-eastern border of the Momchilgrad depression in Eastern Rhodopes. The use of gravity, aeromagnetic, gamma-ray spectrometric data on 1:50000 scale and electric and magnetic data on 1:10000 scale allows more detailed determination of the Ada Tepe occurrence geological structure to be obtained. The south-north, east-west, northwest and east-northeast oriented faults and their knots, as well as the areas of intensive hydrothermal alterations were marked according to geophysical data. The main geophysical anomalies related to the gold-silver-bearing mineralization in Ada Tepe occurrence were separated. Based of the outlined geological, geophysical and geochemical criteria three areas were distinguished favorable for epithermal mineralization prospecting.

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