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Evaluation of tectonic structure of Gelibolu (Turkey) using steerable filtersGold Open Access

Authors: O.N. Ucan, A.M. Albora and A. Ozmen
Journal name: Journal of the Balkan Geophysical Society
Issue: Vol 6, No 4, November 2003 pp. 221 - 234
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 751.12Kb )

Steerable filters are oriented filters generally used in vision and image processing tasks, such as texture analysis, edge detection, image data compression, motion analysis, and image enhancement. Steerable filters with oriented property can be examined as a function of both orientation and phase. In the case of correct filter set and interpolation rules, it is possible to determine the response of a filter of arbitrary orientation without applying that filter directly. In this paper, we have first applied steerable filters to synthetic examples and after satisfactory results are obtained; we have evaluated the tectonic setting of the Gelibolu Peninsula in the western region of Turkey using potential fields. The gravity and magnetic anomaly maps of Gelibolu used which was obtained from Turkish Petroleum Research Institute (TPAO). A parallel fault branch on the North-West of Anafartalar fault was detected. Also other tectonic structures of area were modelled. The results are confirmed by the TPAO seismic data. Further it is shown that steerable filters can be considered as a compromising approach in the evaluation of geophysical data. In particular, they can be used to delineate the strike of faults and to locate roughly ruins of foundation walls.

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