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Reducing uncertainty by integrating 3D CSEM in the Mexican deep-water exploration workflowGreen Open Access

Authors: J.A. Escalera Alcocer, M. Vázquez García, H. Salazar Soto, D. Baltar, V. Ricoy Paramo, P.T. Gabrielsen and F. Roth
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 31, No 4, April 2013
Special topic: EM/Potential Methods
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 727.05Kb )

José Antonio Escalera Alcocer, Marco Vázquez García, and Humberto Salazar Soto, Daniel Baltar, Valente Ricoy Paramo, Pål T. Gabrielsen and Friedrich Roth show with four case studies how the inclusion of 3D CSEM resistivity data with seismic and other data provided more confidence in Pemex reservoir evaluations and so positively impacted the company's exploration programme.

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