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Towards improved time-lapse seismic repetition accuracy by use of multimeasurement streamer reconstructionNormal access

Authors: P. Smith, J. Thekkekara, J. Branston, G. Byerley, D. Monk and J. Towart
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 31, No 11, November 2013 pp. 73 - 81
Special topic: Marine Seismic
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 1.41Mb )
Price: € 30

Patrick Smith, Jason Thekkekara, Julie Branston, Grant Byerley, David Monk and Jeffrey Towart describe, with an example from the North Sea Forties field, how multi-measurement streamer technology enables the reconstruction of a monitor survey to the streamer locations and datum of a previous survey, thus improving time-lapse repeatability.

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