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A comprehensive seismic characterisation via multi-component analysis of active and passive dataGreen Open Access

Authors: G. Dal Moro, L. Keller and V. Poggi
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 33, No 9, September 2015 pp. 45 - 53
DOI: 10.3997/1365-2397.2015004
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 1.34Mb )

A comprehensive seismic survey was conducted with the aim of characterising one of the Swiss Digital Seismic Network stations in northern Switzerland. Both active (P- and S-wave refraction tomography, surface-wave analysis, vertical seismic profiling) and passive methodologies (wavelet decomposition, Horizontal-to-Vertical Spectral Ratio, three-component frequency-wavenumber analysis) were jointly considered in order to solve the intrinsic non-uniqueness of the solution and determine a consistent subsurface model free from ambiguities, eventually used for the assessment of the local site amplification.

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