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Oil prospects in the Mozambique Channel: where incipient subduction meets passive marginGreen Open Access

Authors: A. Intawong, N. Hodgson, K. Rodriguez and P. Hargreaves
Journal name: First Break
Issue: Vol 37, No 3, March 2019 pp. 75 - 81
Language: English
Info: Article, PDF ( 1.17Mb )

After several major gas discoveries made offshore Tanzania and northern Mozambique, the entire East Africa margin has been assumed to be a gas province. We present evidence for a new oil province along this margin based on an interpretation of Spectrum’s recently acquired modern Broadband 2D seismic data in the offshore Angoche/Mozambique Basin. The new seismic data lying south of the Rovuma Basin and across the Davie Ridge in the Mozambique Channel (Figure 1) are considered together with an integration with sea surface oil slicks identified on satellite imagery and other direct hydrocarbon indicators (DHIs). Understanding the nature and origin of crustal architecture in the Angoche Basin and Davie Ridge is a vital input to plate reconstruction, as well as enabling an assessment of petroleum potential. We discuss potential source rocks and variation in geothermal gradient in the region and evaluate various plays in the light of the new geological findings within the new Broadband 2D seismic dataset.

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